HelperCord - The Discord bot that uses AI to help you with


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Using AI to understand queries

Our AI has been designed to be useful for Discord server management occasions. It takes your text and makes a prediction of what you wanted the AI to do, without any complex understanding required.

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Query customization

It is possible to be more in-depth with your question. Making a channel, with "announcements" as a name, and read-only? Simple.

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Moderate even when you're gone

You can let your server members request a moderation action, to give you and your staff a little break.

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Question-to-answer customized by you

This feature gives your server members answers to frequently asked questions using your knowledge base.


50 free credits to let you get a look on how it works for you, then...



  • 250 credits per month
  • Unlimited Question-to-answer knowledge base size



  • Everything from the previous tier, and
  • 250 more credits per month
  • Access to experimental features


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